Make the Healthy Choice
the Easy Choice

Live Well Omaha leads a forum of organizations seeking to improve the health of individuals
and families across the community

Our vision is for our community to be the healthiest
possible place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy life

Live Well Omaha Initiatives

  • Convener for Key Health Issues

    Live Well Omaha connects multi-sector partners and the health data together to take action to toward improving the health of our residents. Our work currently focuses on healthy weight and active transportation. Via the Douglas County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), we support all priorities through the action plan. Co-collaborator of the

  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Youth

    Live Well Omaha leads the strategy, mission and communication for Live Well Omaha Kids, a collaborative of 40+ partners working to instill healthy habits in youth that will last a lifetime. Additionally, Live Well Omaha also facilitates Partners for Healthy Schools (PHS), a professional development program that develops school staff to create healthy practice, policy and built environment changes to promote healthy eating and physical activity, which reached more than 8,000 children in the 2014-15 school year.

  • Active Transportation

    The quality and availability of the spaces where we bike, walk and play all impact health and the risk of chronic disease. To encourage Active Transportation, Live Well Omaha teaches bike safety to adults and youth and administers the Commuter Challenge, which encourages more people to try active transportation (bike, walk, bus, carpool) for a chance to earn prizes. Finally, Live Well Omaha serves on the working committee to implement a Complete Streets policy to provide safe, accessible streets for all users.

  • Heartland B-Cycle

    Heartland B-cycle, currently being incubated by Live Well Omaha, offers 150 bicycles at 30+ stations to the public to use for transportation and recreation. More than 7,000 rides were had in the first six months of 2015.


Board Members

Board Chair

Dr. Joann Schaefer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Vice Chair

Angie Frederick
YMCA of Greater Omaha


We welcome all organizations that share our vision of improved health for area residents and of a thriving Omaha well into the future.
Contact Sarah Sjolie today to join the movement.