Live Well Omaha Kids

Since 2006, Live Well Omaha Kids (LWOK) has served as the healthy weight coalition for Douglas County to ensure that every child has the opportunity to live a healthy life and is now headquartered at Live Well Omaha.

LWOK brings organizations and area residents together to solve this health issue that impacts one in four children ages five through seventeen.

Current partners in the coalition include:

  • Building Healthy Futures

  • Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

  • CHI Health

  • Creighton University

  • Douglas County Board of Health

  • Douglas County Health Department

  • Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition

  • UNMC College of Public Health

Together, the coalition achieves what organizations working separately cannot – healthier kids. There are three focus areas of Live Well Omaha’s current strategic plan 1) advancing healthy weight policy and advocacy, 2) Partners for Healthy Schools – supporting direct service educators and providers, 3) working with neighbors in key zip codes to build assets for health.

LWOK’s collective work is implemented via an executive-level steering committee, topic-focused workgroups, and a diligent and committed Coalition Director to drive the project’s results. This year, the Steering Committee looked at childhood obesity data, local health issues by zip code, and conducted a landscape analysis of more than 20 local program or direct service providers to make the following key decisions to guide future work. 

Partners for Healthy Schools

Partners for Healthy Schools (PHS) is a part of LWOK’s community work and brings together service professionals quarterly to share resources, data, and opportunities around school wellness. Programs and resources from this group are reflected in this Resource Guide.

Since 2013, PHS provided technical assistance and professional development for school staff, as illustrated by these videos. In 2018, the program will evolve to focus on district-wide policy, systems, and environmental change.