Carrie Schneider-Miller, MS, RD

Live Well Omaha Kids spoke with fellow health advocate Carrie Schneider-Miller, MS, RD who is a Nebraska Extension Educator in Douglas-Sarpy Counties about ways to incorporate physical activity and nutrition into the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Eat what you love without the guilt. Yes, you’re reading this correctly!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not require eliminating your favorite foods. It is about finding the right balance and practicing moderation. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy balance this holiday season:

  1. Don’t go in hungry. Depriving yourself of food until your Thanksgiving meal may set you up for overeating. Eating a breakfast high in fiber will help keep you full. Also, eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day that are low in calories, high in fiber and nutrients will help ward off hunger.
  2. Use a small plate. It’s simple food math! Using a smaller plate will help you keep your portion sizes in check and allow you to focus on the foods you really want to eat.
  3. Be mindful. Before you go for seconds, take time to check in with your body. We often feel rushed and don’t listen to our body’s cues. Eating too fast results in piling on calories that we may not need, which often leads us to feeling full and uncomfortable.
  4. Break before dessert. Take a break between dinner and dessert. Go for a walk, play a game of charades, build an obstacle course for the kids and join in on the fun. Your dessert will taste twice as good if you slow down and enjoy all the great foods Thanksgiving has to offer. (Moving after a meal also helps with digestion!)
  5. Be food adventuresome. Thanksgiving meals are often focused around traditional food but it is also a great time to try a new recipe. During social events, people are more willing to try new foods. Mix it up and make a new recipe that is healthy and challenges the status quo. Check out for recipe ideas that are healthy, quick, and affordable. I especially recommend this festive recipe collection – Perfectly Pumpkin.


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