Whether designing a complex message into a fetching infographic, setting the strategy for an energizing event, or building a cost-management plan and balanced budget, Courtney Brewer, Director of Operations and Finance, can tackle the mission. In fact, she has created and implemented many essential processes that aided Live Well Omaha in grow its mission and footprint for impact in the communities that we serve.

Chances are, if you meet Courtney, you get to experience her passion for health right away. She isn’t shy about sharing her health stories about how she and her family continue to make health and wellness a priority through healthy eating, staying active and making strong community connections. After work, she continues to advocate for safe spaces to be active, like biking and walking to school, in and around the Gretna community.

Courtney is a health entrepreneur, a problem solver and a visionary. She brings business savvy, structure design and an ability to translate public health messaging into engaging campaigns, events and ultimately brand relationships into the public health every day. Through her role as the Director of Operations and Finance at Live Well Omaha, Courtney has achieved incredible milestones including:

  • Designed and rolled-out Live Well Omaha’s updated brand into every facet of the organization and created the Live Well Omaha website
  • Launched a four-county resident engagement strategy to augment local Community Health Improvement planning across the Omaha – Council Bluffs metro
  • Created vital customer relationship management strategies to grow and retain Live Well Omaha membership
  • Built key relationships and a robust communications roll-out, public events and map to complete the metro’s first 28-mile Bike Omaha Network

Courtney makes an impact on the public’s health every day in her work within key priorities like safe communities, access to healthy food and healthy/active kids. We are excited to cheer Courtney on as she accepts her next challenge doing business development and operations at Red Berry Innovations, a cyber-security tech firm in Springfield, NE and will continue to work for the health of all from the technology sector.

 We are incredibly grateful for all that Courtney has brought to our organization, and we look forward to watching her do amazing things in her new role!