Live Well Omaha is a coalition of organizations and individuals that prioritize health and work together to take shared action. We also believe that health happens in our homes, schools, workplaces, faith communities, etc. In June 2017, 65 Live Well Omaha coalition members and community members came together to discuss which health issues should be at the top of our list in our work together.

The group selected:

  1. Access to Healthy Foods
  2. Access to Preventive Care
  3. Safe Communities
  4. Healthy Homes

Since that time, Live Well Omaha and our collaborators had a series of conversations about how to lift up the work in each area and how to all rally behind a measurement that helps us monitor our collective progress.

This work was shared at the 2018 Changemaker Summit and now is available for continuous updates on our website.

Click below to access each topic page, which contains a list of key partners in the space and some accomplishments that we are aware of to-date. Check it out, connect with others in the work and send us any partners or information to add so that everyone may benefit.

To impactful; connected work!