The mark of an impactful coalition is the alignment of community-wide efforts around a shared goal that we can see and feel. For example: our community will be healthy when every resident can reach a grocery store with healthy options. To advance this work, the Data + Communications Action Team has been working on defining a clear, easy to understand and meaningful measure that we can all adopt and use as a guidepost for impact.

While the work is still underway, here are the measures that the group has chosen:

  • Access to Healthy Foods
    • Increase the % of residents who have access to a grocery store (USDA)
  • Access to Preventive Care
    • Increase % of residents to have a preventive care visit in the last 12 mo. (PRC, CHNA 2015)
  • Health + Housing
    • Achieve healthy public and voucher housing by 2025.

These measures will be publicly shared soon and will be trackable on our website!

Child Healthy Weight Data Map by Live Well OmahaLive Well Omaha has also been incubating some maps related to these measures in an effort to begin a conversation about how we look at the overlay of things like access to transportation, SNAP benefits, etc relate to where people report particular health issues. Why do we care?

We want to:

  • Engage more residents
  • Relevant and relatable data means more informed response
  • Mapping relationships over time helps us understand the impact

Please take a look at the development of these story-telling maps and send feedback to or plan to discuss at the next Member Council Meeting on May 10th.