The roundtable of Health + Housing partners includes HUD, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, Omaha Housing Authority, HCAN, Douglas County Health Department, Family Housing Advisory, Metro Area Tobacco Action Coalition and Live Well Omaha. Together, we are making great strides and gearing up for impact. In May, the coalition organized a training for 25 home inspectors/visitors and home visitors on the healthy home assessment (WYATT Tool) with expert trainers Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and MOTAC. Omaha Housing Authority had all home inspectors at the training including the manager of the team! Inspectors came from as far as Lincoln to attend.

Also in May, the partners cultivated a Health and Housing Consortium at HUD’s annual conference held in Omaha. Presentations included the various work happening throughout our community.

It’s important to see the connection between the social determinants of health and chronic diseases for local action and organizing for change. Thus, Live Well Omaha has launched an initial map to help us start to understand housing as overlaid with health issues. This is a very draft map and has not been publicly released. It overlays the age of homes (over age 65) with an incidence of lung disease. I look forward to improving this good start together!

See that map here:!/vizhome/OmahaHealthHousing/HealthHousing