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You know your neighborhood best! Join neighbors in Cass, Douglas, Pottawattamie and Sarpy County for an engaging conversation about experiences and concerns with mental health and share ideas on how our community may be able ensure that each and every person has access to the help they need. Snacks and free childcare will be available at each event. Registration is encouraged, but not required. 

March 26
5:45 pm
Council Bluffs Public Library
Council Bluffs, IA


March 28
6:15 pm
North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (NONA)
Omaha Small Business Network
Omaha, NE

This conversation is happening during the March NONA meeting, but everyone is invited to attend.


march 30
9:15 am
Midlands Community Health Fair
CHI Health Midlands
Papillion, NE 
April 1
5:45 pm
Plattsmouth Public Library
Plattsmouth, NE


april 4
5:30 pm


South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SONA)
Salvation Army Kroc Center
Omaha, NE

This conversation takes place prior to the April SONA meeting, but everyone is invited to attend.


april 6
9:15 am
Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District
Omaha, NE


april 13
9:45 am 
Oakland Community Center
Oakland, IA