Howdy! My name is Toni Igbokidi and I am ecstatic to join the Live Well Omaha family as contractor for their Safe Routes to School program.

About Me

I received my bachelors in Biology and African American Studies from the University of Arkansas. Currently, I am pursuing my masters in public health with a concentration in Healthcare Ethics from Creighton University, and will be starting medical school in the fall of 2020! It has always been my dream to provide health services and advocacy to people and communities.

When I am not in school, I enjoy playing basketball with friends or exploring new places with my family, and my basenji, Apollo!

Why Safe Routes?

It is imperative that we nurture and protect our children because they are our future. Many kids, specifically in the Omaha area, walk or bike to school on routes that are not particularly safe. There are many dangers in the world but mitigating some of these hazards will play a vital component in making sure that our children make it to school and acquire an education. 

I also work with Pottawattamie County Public Health Department as a community organizer which allows me to be a liaison for community members with organizations as it pertains to their health needs. I am humbled to be able to play a similar role with Live Well Omaha to be an advocate for children as it pertains to their safety and wellbeing, and to be of service for the kiddos today so that they can become our tomorrow.

Questions?Contact Toni at