our work

Everyone Deserves Health:

Live Well Omaha’s work is to connect multi-sector members and partners, share a compelling story about why health matters and to rally the coalition to take collective action. No one organization can accomplish the policy, systems and environmental change alone. In order to impact large-scale change, organizations must work together.

Leveraging our legacy of impactful public/private partnerships, Live Well Omaha, along with our community partner, Douglas County Health Department, is taking the leadership role in our community’s journey to become an Accountable Health Community. As an Accountable Health Community, we are committed to building a coalition that can successfully address all the factors that directly influence individual health and ability to thrive, starting with:

  1. Access to healthy foods
  2. Access to preventive care
  3. Healthy housing
  4. Safe communities

The Accountable Health Community is how Live Well Omaha and our partners will achieve our vision of health for all. The Launchpad is a process that Live Well Omaha is leading to address and rally collective action behind each issue.

This work aims to:

  • Reduce the adult deaths that are linked to the leading chronic diseases in our community
  • Improve quality of life
  • Enhance collaboration and integration of organizations working in similar areas