Accountable Health Community

The Accountable Health Community (AHC) concept came to Douglas County in October 2015 via a Decision Accelerator planning session with more than 95 leaders from business, non-profit, governmental, faith communities, health care, insurance, higher education, etc. The AHC model in our community is centered in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Action Framework to create a culture of health. At the planning session, leaders signed up to serve on teams that were linked to each of the Culture of Health Action areas.

Making Health a Shared Value and Fostering Cross Sector Collaboration

Action Team Focus: Data + Communications

Purpose: Create a shared language, communication and measurement plan connecting health to the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

Key Milestones:

  • Created collection of relevant health indicator maps linked to “The Case for an Accountable Health Community”
  • Using Results-Based Accountability to recommend macro indicators to meet the priorities selected by the coalition:
    • Access to healthy foods
    • Access to preventive care
    • Safe communities

Work Ahead:

  • Connecting health systems and community together in share resource database
  • Updating how we publicly share health data in the community
  • Mapping social determinants with health issues
  • Campaigns around each priority issue

Creating Healthier, More Equitable Communities

Action Team Focus: Shared Coalition Policy Platform

Purpose: Advance health equity via policy and advocacy efforts using a shared platform.

Key Milestones:

  • Crafted initial policy opportunities at the organizational, city, and county levels
  • Iterated policy opportunities list at Live Well Omaha Member Council
  • Created draft policy platform document (in alignment with the coalition-selected priorities) with lead organizations for each area

Work Ahead:

  • Create work plan and timeline for each policy platform item
  • Roll-out pilot grassroots campaign on one item

Strengthening Integration of Health Services and Systems

Action Team Focus: Community Health Worker

Purpose: Increase the adoption and consistent application of community health workers across Douglas County.

Key Milestones:

  • Defined Community Health Worker (CHW) term and core competencies
  • Working on a core curriculum for basic/foundational level training for CHW
  • Surveyed CHW supervisors to understand the current environment in which CHW are working and being supported

Work Ahead: